The number of reported cyber attacks grows every day, and these malicious pieces of software are getting more intelligent all the time. We’ve all heard about standard viruses, but today there are phishing emails, computer worms, trojan horses, and ransomware or cryptolocker attacks. At this point, it is irresponsible for any business to not have protections in place to protect their operating systems from intrusion and sensitive data from loss.

There Are So Many Threats, What Can I Do?

It can be daunting to look at the landscape of malicious software out there and think about all of the ways it can infect your systems. On top of that, you still have to do your own job and run your business. This is where a service provider like Reverus can make a significant difference. You can trust that we will establish the best protections for your business and have the peace of mind to focus on your own job again.

Security Services Designed To Work Together

With so many threats out there, your business needs more than one layer of protection. Besides, there is no one perfect security solution, which is why offer a variety of methods and practices to protect you. We are not just going to install a firewall and walk away, Reverus will be your long-term partner in protection. We bring services like threat remediation to learn from new threats and adjust your defenses and vulnerability testing to look for the weak points in your systems and close them off.

Planning For An Attack Goes Beyond Security Services

Security precautions are a necessity, but they are not where you should stop. We will build the most professional security posture for your business, but it would be irresponsible of us to say that was enough. This is why we go the extra mile with services like disaster recovery. Once you’ve integrated data backup and recovery into your cyber attack response plans, you’ll have an effective solution.

Disaster recovery is a strategy that is built to respond to threats like natural disasters or even cyber attacks. It is a set of precautions that we would help you put in place to ensure that your business can keep functioning no matter what happens to it. It is a backup strategy that is tailored to the unique requirements of your company and the threats you are likely to face.

There are times when the most effective way to respond to a cyber attack is to simply restore copies of your data from your cloud storage and just get back to work. There are countless stories of ransomware attacks out there about a business that was infected. All of their most sensitive data was encrypted and held hostage. The hackers demand a ransom is paid to restore the encrypted files and the business is put in a difficult position.

With disaster recovery, those types of ransomware attacks won’t be nearly as scary. Instead of worrying about paying the ransom and working with law enforcement agencies, you can just restore from the backups in your data center and get back to work. Reverus will work to prevent ransomware and other cyber attacks, but we will also be prepared for when those safety hazards make their way through the defenses.

To learn more about how to protect your company from cyber attacks and how to integrate disaster recovery into your business, contact Reverus today.