The modern world is only becoming more interconnected. We are all expected to be accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time. This kind of demand means that you need a network capable of spanning multiple environments and delivering consistent performance. The inherent vulnerability that comes with this growing demand is a network that is too accessible.

You want a network that only lets in who and what you want, but that can be difficult to achieve with so many access points and so many growing threats to your security out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent threats to your network security and the precautions that can be taken to prevent them from gaining access.


Knowledge Is Power, Know The Threats You Are Facing

  • DDoS Attacks Are Expanding
    • DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a type of network assault where hackers will take over numerous systems and force them to send out communication requests to a single specific web server. This results in overloading the server, and it either crashes or ignores legitimate users who are trying to connect. The consequences of a denial of service are varied and far-reaching. It can cause users to leave your service, resulting in a loss of revenue. It can drain revenue from your business in lost productivity and loss of data. Even worse, it can permanently damage your good name and reputation. To mitigate the danger of this threat, you need to monitor the flow of your network traffic for irregularities and the usage of your device bandwidth consumption. Our 24/7 Monitoring services will help you stay on top of this type of threat.
  • Malware Is Getting Smarter
    • The way that we store and transfer our most sensitive data has become increasingly advanced over the years. The bad news is that hackers can use these advancements too. You might be using off-site cloud services, but hackers have found ways to use these too. They can create an account, encrypt their malware, hide IP addresses, and then cover their tracks by deleting the original account. All of the access points between social media and other programs have made this increasingly difficult to police among service providers. Through a combination of intrusion protection and threat remediation, Reverus can help you identify and respond to this hacking activity before it is too late.
  • In-House Threats Aren’t Going Away
    • An in-house threat can range from a malicious threat, innocent employee error, or even corporate espionage. The vast majority of security measures and intrusion prevention methods out there are all centered on keeping out external threats. People with authorized access can easily navigate your network firewall security defenses and fly under the radar. To mitigate this risk, you need to monitor employee activity at all levels. You can also institute an established insider-threat defense program by setting the most sensitive data apart and documenting security policies or controls. It can help to offer employee training in threat awareness as well.
  • Encryption Works Both Ways
    • For the most part, encryption’s primary purpose is to improve your security, but it can also assist hackers in hiding their activities. Network security industry experts have found a significant uptick in malware and hackers using encryption to mask their efforts before they choose the best time to strike. This can be a tough nut to crack because of the nature of encryption, but Reverus will be there with managed threat security and network security precautions to watch out for unusual patterns in encrypted web and private network traffic.
  • Social Engineering Is Getting Personal
    • Hackers are now using social engineering to specifically target high-value employees and members of an organization. They can hide malicious code in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files or PDF documents, before emailing them under the guise of a trusted identity within a company to convince a target to divulge information or transfer sensitive data. This type of threat takes legwork and vigilance on your staff’s end. You need to provide training in spotting these false leads and keep your spam filters up-to-date. Network security is not a light switch, it is a continual process of protecting yourself and your business.
  • Ransomware Tailored To Destroy Your Data
    • There is a specific type of network-based ransomware that has been designed to propagate and destroy. In the past, ransomware would get in, encrypt data, and demand money for the return of the data. Now, experts are saying that this form of data breach is designed just to destroy data on infected systems. It does not rely on a human to spread the virus either; it just needs an active and unpatched workstation to access. The only way to defend from an attack like this is to make regular redundant backups of your data. Even if a threat makes it through your various types of firewalls and into your operating system, you’ll still have a safe copy of your data to restore from and bounce back.

To learn more about the threats we are all facing today and how Reverus can help you reduce the risk to your hardware and software, contact us today.