If you’ve ever had a car breakdown or the power go out in your house, then you probably know the feeling of helplessness that follows when your machines or technology fail you. When it comes to your business, you don’t want to be left on the side of the road or in the dark. There is no way to prevent some disasters or incidents, but Reverus can help you be prepared to recover quickly and effectively.

Some Businesses Never Bounce Back

According to an NFIB National Small Business poll, not all disasters that can impact a company are created by nature.

  • Man-made disasters negatively impact 10 % of all small businesses.
  • 30% of small businesses have been hit by natural disasters

According to research from the University of Texas about companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss:

  • Only 6% of those companies survive
  • 43% never reopen at all
  • 51% will close their doors within two years

It’s Never Happened To Me, Why Should I Be Concerned?

Those statistics might have scared you and made you rethink your business contingency plans. The truth is that there are a wide variety of hazardous situations out there that can affect your company. Before you can start crafting your disaster recovery plan, you need to consider the threats you might face and the precautions you should be focusing on.

  • Your Equipment And Hardware Are Not Perfect
    • Sadly, no one has created the perfect machine yet. Modern IT equipment is more resistant to failures than ever before, but it is not perfect. Let’s say you never get hit by a tornado or earthquake, but your information technology could crash all its on own.
  • Your Employees Are Not Perfect
    • One of the most common ways that malicious software or hackers break through data protection are through innocent employee error. It could be as simple as clicking the wrong link or believing the wrong email when it asks for information.
  • Your Customers Have Expectations
    • Whether it is fair or not, we live in a world of high customer service expectations. Your clients will expect uninterrupted service in whatever industry you operate and, even if they’re patient, they might turn to your competition when your operating systems let them down.
  • Customer Loyalty Is Hard To Get Back
    • Once you have earned the loyalty of your customers and have retention rates that you are proud of, you could still be struck with a natural disaster or unavoidable incident. People believe in loyalty up to a certain point, but if your business can’t bounce back quickly, they will move on to someone else.
  • Downtime Is Time You Won’t Get Back
    • Whatever the disaster or disruption, the downtime it causes is a span of time that you are losing money. 100% uninterrupted uptime 24/7 is nearly impossible, but disaster recovery (DR) can help you reduce that amount of downtime.

What Can Be Done To Protect My Business?

The best thing you can today to prepare your company for a disaster scenario is to take action and reach out to an MSP like Reverus. We have the tools and techniques to bulk up your data security and establish your data backup and recovery strategies. There are precautions you can take personally, but there is a lot of value that comes from hiring a service provider like Reverus.

  • Standard Backup Copies Are Not Enough
    • You want to be prepared for if your hardware lets you down, but just making some copies of your data is not a strong enough solution. Your data storage needs to be flexible for your services and responsive to your needs. We can craft a cloud storage solution where your own hardware at a data center will be ready to restore your data.
  • Protect Your People With Proactive Precautions
    • Incorporating a DR plan that makes incremental backup copies of your data can protect your own employees from accidentally deleting something vital and our security services can help your company be ready to respond to online threats.
  • Get Your Business Up And Running Almost Anywhere
    • Thanks to things like our cloud services, we can combine mobility options into your disaster recovery plan. Even if your current systems or location are inaccessible, your data will still be accessible from another location with a strong enough internet connection.
  • Deliver On That Promise Of Service
    • Your customers won’t be running to the competition if your systems can bounce back and offer rapid response to their needs. Reverus will be there to ensure that your customer retention doesn’t suffer from the same disaster that struck your business.
  • Let Us Help Protect Your Productivity
    • Maintaining an efficient workplace is all about being consistently productively over an extended period of time. Our disaster recovery strategies will be there to protect your productivity from disasters and unavoidable incidents. No one can predict every issue you’ll have or promise that your workplace will never have any problems, but Reverus can guarantee that we will be there with the tool and techniques you need to respond to the challenges that come your way.

To learn more about disaster recovery and how Reverus can help your business be prepared, reach out to us today.