When your company invests in an asset, you naturally expect to get the most value out of it that you can. There can be investments you make, like a new computer network, that has a finite shelf life, but it isn’t absolutely clear when that will be. Everything has a life cycle and while you can estimate when a delivery truck will no longer be useful, your computer network can be anyone’s guess.

Before we get into the pros and cons of upgrading and retrofitting, here are some indications your network needs some attention:

  • There are constant user computer crashes.
  • You experience slow and intermittent internet connections.
  • The Wi-Fi is spotty and your building has numerous “dead zones.”
  • Data storage is nearing capacity.
  • Your users are using a mosaic of mismatched equipment.
  • Your business is growing but your network security isn’t.
  • You are allowing users to use their own devices or work from home.

If you’ve been making temporary fixes, it is time for a total replacement

At Reverus, we’ve seen it all, and when you begin to experience any of the immediate course of action above, is to put a temporary fix in place and address a more permanent solution in the future. The problem is these actions that are “temporary” end up becoming permanent. This leads to performance issues and possible security risks. Upgrading what is already there equates to putting a bigger bandage over a number of small ones. The better option is to replace the system in its entirety.

If you plan on growing, it is time for a total replacement

As your business grows, so does its vulnerabilities. The threat of cyber attacks is ever present and it is important to have a fully updated and modern defense system to make sure all data remains safe. This most likely means your entire system is at risk and a new solution is necessary. As programs and traffic increase, so must your network’s ability to handle it and if you are operating on older technology, you will continue to experience slow downs and outages if you upgrade old technology.

If you want to cut your costs, it is time for a total replacement

Advances in computer equipment means they are more reliable, more efficient, consume less power, and last longer then equipment sold 2 to 3 years ago. This means that after the initial investment, the total cost of ownership for your computer network will decrease the longer you use it.

If it is time for a total replacement, call Reverus

We have been building and improving computer networks for years and we understand that your environment is completely unique. When you hire us to improve your network, whether retrofitting and improving the old, or installing a new internet network, we will take your unique needs and requirements into account and provide you with a cost-effective, lasting solution. We build our services around your goals. Call us today and we can get started.