With the rise of cloud computing services, the “as a service” business model is becoming incredibly popular. One business model that organizations are currently jumping on is XaaS, or Everything as a Service, also known as Anything as a Service. This is when a business offers value-based services instead of products. It started with the now-ubiquitous Software as a Service (SaaS), and has been expanded to formats that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). They can even extend to more unusual services, including Storage as a Service (SaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Why Are Businesses Converting to XaaS Models?

Many businesses are converting to XaaS business models and service models partly because they ensure a steady cash flow, since customers and clients pay for their services in regular installments. XaaS models also allow businesses to adapt quickly to rapidly changing markets and an ever-changing technological landscape. By using a XaaS model, they can take what their business does best and turn that into a service with a solid base of subscribers.

Are IT Businesses the Only Ones Using XaaS Models?

No. The XaaS model spans a wide range of industries, and it’s reshaping the way we interact with the world. In fact, Uber and Lyft are examples of Transportation as a Service: instead of charging a passenger once for a ride, they have the passenger open an account and pay for different levels of service depending on the specific services they need. This business model allows the passenger to connect to these services whenever they need them, no matter how often they need them.

When you adopt a XaaS model for your business, you decide what type of service you want to offer your customers or clients, and then you build your business processes around that service.

How Do Businesses Use XaaS for Their Internal Operations?

Some CIOs have begun to adapt XaaS models for their internal operations as well as their service models. What is the benefit of using XaaS for a business’s operations? XaaS can help a business go through a digital transformation and make its IT services more agile. By adapting XaaS for their internal operations, these businesses can use cloud-based services to house their data and networks, which allow them to leverage newer technology to deliver services that are more cutting-edge than traditional service models. One of the most important aspects of XaaS is it uses internet connectivity to deliver many different types of services, from software to disaster recovery to transportation and beyond. When a business uses this model to help itself operate, it becomes flexible enough to respond to customers’ and clients’ needs as quickly as possible.

Helping You Understand XaaS

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