Simply put, hardware as a service refers to a managed service model by which an MSP installs and maintains a business’s on-site network infrastructure. Companies then either pay a monthly fee for HaaS or pay as part of their ongoing MSP package. An HaaS solution can help growing businesses get the technology they need right away at a lower up-front cost. Wondering what other benefits the HaaS model can offer your business?

Benefits of HaaS

With an HaaS solution, your business can:

  1. Save Money: Because an HaaS plan doesn’t require your company to invest in hardware, you can reduce your initial capital expenditures while getting the technology you need. HaaS allows you to rent equipment for a monthly fee so your business won’t get burned by investing in technology you won’t end up needing in the long run. It also allows your network infrastructure to quickly scale with your business without getting stuck with technology that’s holding your business back. Ultimately, your money will go farther because you’ll have one fixed technology expense each month, saving you from surprise technology bills that can cripple business growth.
  2. Focus Your Team: With an HaaS provider handling your technology needs and infrastructure management, your team can focus on growing by streamlining your critical business operations. Maintenance, updates, upgrades, and monitoring are all handled by your IT provider. With these vital operations taken care of, your team will be free to prioritize business growth and customer satisfaction. Without the need for a dedicated IT staff, you also reduce operating expenses.
  3. Receive Reliable Support: An HaaS solution comes with IT support included in the price. Automated maintenance and monitoring guarantees that your hardware is always running as efficiently as possible, so it’s always there when your business needs it. In the event that something does go wrong, your HaaS provider offers a single point of contact, so you always know exactly who to call. With security and updates taken care of, all you have to worry about is how your technology can help your business grow, instead of trying to figure out how it’s holding you back.

Who Can Benefit from an HaaS solution?

An HaaS solution can be optimized for just about any small or medium-sized business. In our experience, HaaS is ideal for growth-oriented businesses who know that they need to maximize their technology to grow but aren’t yet certain what those needs may look like. An HaaS infrastructure is going to look slightly different for every business, but the underlying principle behind the service is that it delivers the hardware you need right away for a minimal initial investment.

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