Rich Pulver is one of Reverus’s co-founders. He started our company with Ed Dubrawski in 2006 because he enjoys the challenges that being a managed service provider (MSP) offers. He’s been willing to go up against any challenge since his first day, when he worked on VAX mainframe green screens, which he was completely unfamiliar with at the time. Instead of stepping away from the project, he pushed through what he calls “a roller coaster of excitement, confusion, and anxiety” to see the project through.

That willingness to learn customers’ technology is one of Reverus’s defining attributes, according to Pulver.

“At Reverus, we consider it our job to know the technology that our customers have deployed,” he says. “If we don’t know it, we learn it.”

He also calls Reverus “technology agnostic,” which means we don’t have loyalty to specific vendors, and we are not here to sell you products. We focus on working with the technology our customers already have to optimize their networks and make them run as well as they can.

While he has made a career in IT, Pulver has a varied education and employment history. He grew up on a small dairy farm, so he has spent much of his life farming, and he originally became interested in computers because of his interest in video games. Though he originally wanted to design video games, he earned a B.A. in History from Union College, and then he worked a variety of jobs. At different points, he worked as a short-order cook, a COBOL programmer, an office support technician, a systems administrator, and a network administrator and consultant. Pulver ultimately pursued an IT career because its never-ending challenges and ever-changing nature piqued his interest. Now he’s in a place where he can customize our company’s services to help our customers meet their business goals, which in turn helps Reverus grow.

“We have been steadily taking on larger clients and expanding our offerings,” he says. “In that time, we have stayed roughly the same size in terms of personnel.”

Part of the reason Reverus keeps its personnel size steady is because we employ technicians and outsource other departments, such as marketing and human resources. This allows our employees to participate equally across all clients and projects. As our technicians learn and grow when they tackle projects, they can begin to take on different service offerings and project loads.

With all of this in mind, does Pulver have any advice for business owners and members considering using an MSP to improve their IT?

Yes, he does.

“Discuss your options with any prospective MSP,” he says. “MSPs come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and it is essential to right size the MSP for your requirements. It takes some upfront work, but to me, finding an MSP that will customize their offerings to your needs will provide the best overall results.”

At Reverus’s helm, Pulver focuses on continuing to learn throughout his career and his life. He says that he doesn’t see himself retiring in the traditional sense, but continuing to learn and moving on to different careers.

Rich Pulver is attentive and nimble as an IT professional, and that’s how Reverus operates as a company.