Building and maintaining proper security precautions is a task that takes continual work and routine assessments of your security maturity. Penetration testing is a strategy that takes this into account and helps you learn more about the vulnerabilities in your own systems. Service providers can talk all day about their defenses and impenetrable walls that they can build for your company, but putting them to the test is the only real way to find out how robust your security measures are.

How Does Penetration Testing Work?

A network penetration test is a targeted attack on your systems. Experts will try to gain access and exploit vulnerabilities. It is a real-world assessment of your security precautions. These tests can be performed by your IT service provider or third-party penetration testing service. A third-party does provide objectivity, but either way, you will need your service provider, like Reverus, involved to make the appropriate improvements to your security. We can use the results of the pen testers and turn them into effective changes.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Identify Security Threats: This is one of the primary benefits of penetration testing. It allows you to learn more about the threats that are endangering your operations and an idea of what might happen if a data breach occurs. It is like testing a dam before the water gets there; we want to the holes first. These results will empower us with information to build stronger protections for your systems.


  • Maintaining Compliance: Depending on your industry, there are various regulations and standards that you have to maintain on the security of your data. Proof of penetration testing and the following changes will help you prove you are doing your due diligence. This kind of evidence can protect your business from fines and penalties in the years to come.


  • Customer Trust: A customer’s trust in your company is a challenging thing to earn and nearly impossible to get back once you’ve lost it. Precautions like pen testing prove to your customers that you are making every effort to protect their data. They also help you avoid data losses or breaches which maintains your reputation in the industry and protects your good name.


  • Increasing Uptime: Any disruption in your operating systems can cause a drop in productivity, affecting your revenue and bottom line. Taking proactive measures like this will reduce downtime and allow for continuous productivity from your employees. These staged attacks on your network security will help you evade the real-life attacks that would negatively impact your day-to-day operations.


  • Eliminates Financial Loss: Correcting security vulnerabilities sounds like a solid strategy, but the real benefits hit home when we start thinking about financial implications. These are kind of direct consequences that go beyond these staged attacks. In the event of an actual breach in your systems, the results would not just be some new security precautions. There could be sensitive data stolen or held ransom by malicious malware. These tests are just protecting your productivity, they are defending your money as well.

Tests like these are recommended by security professionals because of all these benefits and many more. Everything we do in business today exists on your computer system and penetration test tools are one of the most effective ways of evaluating your defenses. If you want the best protection for your systems and network, contact Reverus today. We will work with you to build a superior security posture.