You have probably heard about the cloud many times by now. You might have tossed it aside as yet another technology that everyone talks about and then disappears under the weight of advancement. Here at Reverus, we believe it is safe to say that the cloud and all of its applications are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you dismissed it early on, then there is still time to make the jump into cloud-hosted services.

One of the best features of cloud computing services is the way it can be customized to fit your needs. There are multiple ways to configure your cloud environment, and Reverus has the expertise to help you create the cloud experience that is best for you.

  • Private Cloud: This is a hosted service where a cloud environment is built just for you. It offers more custom options and the greatest control over your management options.
  • Public Cloud: This is a service through a third-party vendor. It gives you access to their powerful data centers and saves money on hardware costs.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A combination of the earlier two options, this method lets you gain the advantages of both strategies.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology

Whatever type of cloud environment that you choose, there are universal advantages that all users will see from moving to cloud computing:

  1. Flexibility: One of the primary goals of any company is growth. The best way to support that evolution is with flexible IT services. Cloud infrastructure is built to adapt to your needs and change right along with you. There is room to scale up or down depending on your needs which offers savings either way you look at it. We all need to be agile to succeed and cloud adoption will amp up your dexterity.
  2.  Mobility: With cloud-based applications, if you’ve got an internet connection, then you can get your work done. You won’t be trapped in your office or held back by only having your mobile device. Having the power to work from anywhere will raise your productivity and allow for more options when it comes to expanding your reach. That is the kind of competitive edge we all could use.
  3. Expand for Less: Cloud applications require less hardware overall. Most of the providers manage infrastructure with a monthly subscription that is significantly less than paying for brand new equipment every time you need more resources. That is more money you can spend elsewhere in your business.
  4. Security: Security is the major concern for everyone thinking about making the transition to the cloud. There are a lot of rumors out there, but the truth is that cloud environments are just as secure as private networks, usually more so. These service providers have made their careers in providing safe and secure workspaces online. Who else would you want protecting your data? Also, because all of your data exists in the cloud lost devices like laptops or hard drives can be wiped remotely with less worry about data loss or stolen sensitive information.
  5. Automatic Updates: Is your software up-to-date? Did you download that new security patch? Eliminate worries like that with the cloud. The servers that support your systems will be maintained by a service provider. That means they are in charge of updates for software and security. This takes one thing off your to-do list and gives you more time to focus on running your business.
  6. Collaboration: Beyond all of the cost savings and other benefits of cloud computing, one of the most powerful solutions it offers is improved collaboration among your employees. You will have new options for sharing and spreading information. There will be less miscommunications and clearer routes between co-workers. The cloud eliminates the barriers between your employees and allows them to have more dynamic teamwork.

All of the advantages of cloud computing are hard to argue with. Contact Reverus today to find out more ways that the cloud will advance your operations and support your success.