How does your business handle its IT problems? Do you wait around for something to break before you call an IT service provider, or do you call your provider to have them check for and fix smaller problems or issues before they grow larger? If you handle your IT the first way, you’re using the break/fix service model. If you handle it the second way, you’re using the managed services model.

Most companies use the break/fix IT support model, but the managed services model has several advantages over it, which is why you should consider switching from break/fix to managed services.

Managed IT Services vs. Break/Fix IT Services

Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance

The break/fix model is an example of reactive maintenance. With reactive maintenance, you let small problems build up until a big disaster occurs. Then you react to that disaster by contact IT support companies and pay high fees for large repairs. A managed services model is an example of proactive maintenance. With proactive maintenance, you monitor your network and fix small, short-term problems before they grow into or contribute to larger disasters. When you enter into a managed services contract with a managed service provider (MSP), you pay a monthly fee for monitoring and maintenance services, so the MSP is always watching for and tackling any IT problems that arise.

Regular Maintenance Services vs. Infrequent Repairs

When you use a break/fix model, you’re always paying for repairs, but you never know how much they will cost. It’s hard to create an IT budget if you can’t estimate how much you’ll spend on it. When you partner with an MSP, you pay regular fees for services. You may pay a monthly fee, but some MSPs may also charge by device. No matter which pricing model your MSP uses, you can budget for specific IT maintenance services that occur throughout the year. For instance, at Reverus, we offer our managed service customers 24/7 network monitoring, data backups, IT project management, and remote support and consulting services. This vast array of services can help you meet your business’s needs at prices you can plan for.

Additional Benefits of the Managed Service Business Model

Customizable Service Bundles

At Reverus, we bundle the services our clients want so that each bundle is custom-made for each client. One client may want data backups and server virtualization, while another may want 24/7 monitoring and IT project management. Your MSP should give you the IT services that your business needs to achieve success.

Reduced Losses When Disaster Strikes

Following the break/fix service model means that you open up your small business to data loss and extra downtime when your systems go down. Then you’ll face lost profits and customer dissatisfaction. An MSP can offer you data backup and disaster recovery/business continuity planning services that will reduce your downtime and help you keep your customers satisfied. The more you prepare for disaster, the less you’ll have to worry when it strikes, and you’ll be that much closer to getting back to full strengthen so you can serve your customers.

Managed Services for Your Upstate New York Business

Reverus will offer your business customized and reliable managed IT services. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business’s IT operations.