Vulnerability Testing

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Reverus takes your security seriously.

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We Check Our Work To Verify You Get The Best Services

Penetration, or pen tests, and vulnerability checks are parts of our overall strategy to provide the highest level of defense. Reverus believes in holding ourselves accountable to the clients we serve; we are committed to offering high-quality services. The number of threats to your systems and network grows every day. Phishing attacks and malware can get in through social engineering or mobile applications, but we hunt down those weak points in the structure of your systems so we can close them off.

We can talk about the level of protection we provide, but testing it and looking for weak spots will give you real peace of mind. You want us to find the weak point in your systems before someone else does. Our security checks are performed by a third-party penetration testing company that we partner with. They perform a targeted attack on your systems under our watchful eye. If another company conducts the security testing, it is a true real-world test of our safeguards.

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We Always Seek Ways To Improve

Your business needs a partner that is willing to seek out our own weak spots and correct them. Each vulnerability is a chance for Reverus to grow and become more adept at defending your operations. Part of being a proactive company means always looking for ways to improve our information security.

We believe in our antivirus and intrusion protection, but testing it with a vulnerability analysis is how we back up our promise of reliable service. Some people still don’t entirely trust web applications like hosted cloud services, but pen testing can convert doubters into true believers. Our testing methods are reliable ways to assess the quality of all our other services.

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Two Different Strategies Of Protection

There are differences between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. They are two separate ways our security experts use for looking for soft spots in your defenses. Together, they are an all-encompassing way of securing your firewalls and closing off any access points you don’t want.

  • Vulnerability testing is more of an automated process. Testing tools will scan your web and network access to look for points of exposure. These vulnerability scanners will find and grade any weak spots. The results are sent to our team for evaluation. Then we take action and correct those weak, stress points.
  • Penetration testing services is an active approach. Reverus works alongside a third-party service provider to test our security. It is typically a targeted attack that is more about how an attacker might gain access rather than just looking for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability tests are more of a routine assessment method, and penetration methods are better off as an annual or long-term practice. Upgrading to new equipment or office relocation are excellent times for penetration testing to re-secure your boundaries, but both should be repeated on a regular basis. Reverus believes in testing ourselves because it offers our clients peace of mind and guarantees the highest level of protection for your systems.