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What is a vCIO?

You may have heard of managed service providers (MSPs) offering virtual CIO or virtual CTO services, but what do those services entail? A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) or virtual chief technology officer (vCTO) provides the same services a CIO or CTO provides to executives at large enterprises, but without the C-level salary. Virtual CIO services give small- and medium-sized businesses access to information technology strategies that larger enterprises use to manage long-term IT planning.

How vCIO Services Work

Virtual CIO services are a form of IT consulting in which you regularly interact remotely with an IT expert who learns as much about your business as they can. They recommend upgrades you can make to your network, and they can assist you with IT strategic planning. A vCIO can help you with the planning process for new projects.

They may also recommend certain products and services for your business to use or purchase, but they should only do so because they believe those products and services would benefit your business and help you reach your business goals. If you feel like your MSP is selling you products for the sake of selling products, that’s a red flag. An IT expert in a virtual CIO or virtual CTO role should focus on improving their client’s business, and all purchase suggestions should be made with that mission in mind.

Budgetary Planning

A vCIO can help you plan your long-term IT budget and create a technology roadmap so you understand how your IT budget fits with your long-term business goals. What is the benefit of having a vCIO oversee your IT budget’s development? You’ll have a clear plan for what your spending should be and how much of your budget should encompass certain aspects of your business’s IT.

Project Management

Since vCIOs are experienced IT professionals, they can help you plan your IT projects. Then they can touch base with you as the projects unfold and advise you on how to move forward with them. This consulting service allows you to proceed with IT projects with the knowledge that you are making technologically advantageous decisions.

Disaster Recovery

When you work with a vCIO, you can also develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Disaster recovery is the process of bringing your business’s most critical functions back after a disaster occurs, regardless of whether it’s a system failure, a cyberattack, or a natural disaster. It falls under the umbrella of business continuity, which is the longer process of bringing your business back to its full operational strength after a disaster happens.

A vCIO can help you develop a disaster recovery operating plan for your business. They can help you figure out which functions are most critical to your business’s operations and how you can get them running again after different types of disasters. This planning process can also include helping you determine which of your employees should play a role in the disaster recovery process and what their responsibilities should be. When you work with an experienced vCIO to develop a disaster recovery plan, you will know your business is protected, no matter what happens.


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Hire An IT Partner That Knows Your Business

Reverus’ virtual chief information officer (vCIO) services go a step further. Beyond technology consulting, we also serve as your company’s chief information officer. Without outsourcing, typically, you would want to hire a CIO that had a firm grasp of your business goals and the expectations of where technology is headed in the years to come, but with a CIO comes expensive overhead.

You save money on hiring your own CIO while still getting high-quality services with us. Our virtual CIO services create a strategy for the future upgrades and maintenance your hardware is going to need. Having a plan like this in place streamlines other decisions and makes your budget more straightforward and easy to maintain.

Once you hire Reverus as your vCIO, we help you create a budget forecast for the short-term and long-term technological expenses of your company. There will be much fewer surprise expenses, and you will be able to track your billing more easily. Having a reliable strategy and budget for the future makes the billing process much more straightforward and frees up funds for other projects or objectives you may want to pursue.