Server Virtualization

Create more with fewer resources.

Optimize efficiency without a big investment.

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Make The Most Of Your Technology Assets

Every business expects a lot out of their computer systems. Just because technology and applications have advanced, doesn’t mean hardware can keep up. Many companies will just add more equipment when their systems are not performing to try to make up for underperformance. That is an inferior strategy for raising productivity, and will cost your business more money long-term. Typically, drops in service like this are more about the way you are using your resources rather than the actual resources.

Once you’ve invested in robust, reliable hardware, don’t fall into the old way of thinking that more is always better. Server virtualization is a service that Reverus provides to enable businesses to get the most computing power out of their systems without purchasing more hardware.

It often works out that the hardware isn’t the problem. Companies are just asking their servers and devices to do too much all at once. This process will save you from the cost of buying more expensive hardware and expand your resources at the same time.

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How Virtual Machines Will Help Your Business

Server virtualization allows every application or operating system that your business is running to exist in separate software packages. These are called virtual machines (VM) and this virtual hardware functions apart from one another. Your business’ physical machine storage units, networking, and CPUs are collected as a single resource that feeds power individually into each virtual machine. This allocation of computing power and resources is completely managed by software applications called hypervisors.

The hypervisors act like an one-directional filter. They allow for the separation of each virtual machine, but still sends them the computing power they need to operate at peak performance. All your applications and operating systems can then run better because they are no longer playing tug of war for the same resources. You will soon see positive results as your applications become streamlined. One other benefit of server virtualization is that our other services like disaster recovery and data backups will function more smoothly once your company has virtualized your servers.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

Whether you are using a cloud-based computing or your own data center, you should make sure that you are getting the best performance for your money. Information technology services are a necessary expense to help push your business into the future, virtual hardware is an excellent way to lower operational costs and get the most out of your physical machines. One of the primary missions at Reverus is to optimize your hardware and software resources so that your business is performing at its best and prepared for the future.