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Reverus Provides Custom Care for Our Clients

Whether you need help reaching crucial project milestones or a custom IT support package, Reverus has the managed service solutions your business needs to run well in our digital age. We offer customized support packages because each of our clients has different needs. You might just want data backup management, while someone else may need hosted phone systems and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). While some companies provide special treatment to premium-level clients, Reverus delivers premium care to all our partners.

Managed IT services with other providers can be expensive. We don’t want you to pay for what you don’t need. We build your service bundle to the requirements of your business. If you really just need hardware management, we won’t add on a [hosted business phone system]. Bundling our services is designed to save you money, because we don’t believe in hidden fees or adding services just to bump up our rates.

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A Vast Array of Managed Services

As the first managed service provider (MSP) in Upstate New York, Reverus provides a wide scope of IT managed systems. We tailor our methods and services to meet your needs and make recommendations to improve your performance. Our experts learn about your requirements and make suggestions based on their experience and expertise. We use our skills and knowledge to help your network run smoothly and protect your hardware and software from threats to boost productivity.

There are the typical services, and then there are the specialized practices that everyone else might not think of or apply to their business’s processes. Reverus can help you navigate these specialized practices to build your information technology goals and strategies. Your bundle of managed services could include the following items as well as many others we might recommend.

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Our managed services include:

24/7 Monitoring Services: We can monitor your computer networks and computer systems remotely, so we can protect your data 24/7. Threats can emerge while you’re at work, but they can also show during off-hours and weekends, too, which is why we monitor your network constantly. We don’t want to leave your network vulnerable to attack for even a second.

Data Backups: We constantly back up your network so you always have access to a copy of your data. This is just one step we take to protect your data, but combined with the other measures and services listed here, it can help your business weather natural disasters, cyberattacks and breaches, and any other major disruptions that might affect your network.

Remote Support and Consulting Services: We can provide you with consulting services so you can stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and innovations. As we keep you aware of these changes, we can find ways to integrate these new technology services into your business’s network solutions and processes. We can also help you understand processes like network administration. Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) program allows us to step into the executive role of managing your business’s technology goals and aligning them with current and emerging technology solutions. With our vCIO services, we offer you executive-level knowledge and expertise without the hefty salary.

IT Project Management: With this service, we come on board as your IT project manager. When we do this, we focus on planning, executing, organizing, and directing your information technology programs in ways that will meet your business’s goals. We offer this service to help you achieve your IT goals, and so you don’t have to oversee your IT projects so closely. When we take them over, you can get back to running your business and managing other things beyond IT.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning: We can offer you data backups and disaster recovery solutions that will help your most critical information systems get up and running after a cyberattack or a natural disaster occurs. However, those solutions fall under the umbrella of Business Continuity Planning, which is a recovery strategy that helps your business run in the long term. We work with you to devise a business continuity plan as well as a disaster recovery plan that fits within it.

Server Virtualization: This service allows you to run each application and operating system in your network as a separate software package. These packages are called virtual machines. We offer server virtualization because we often find that our clients task their physical servers with housing more data and applications than they can handle. We can provide you with virtualization software and services that will optimize your network’s performance, regardless of whether you’re using cloud computing services or physical data centers to house your network.

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We Deliver The Correct Solutions For Your Company

We can structure our payment plans on a per user or per device basis. We also have a tiered pricing system based on what you services you want. Of course, we also offer tailored options that make your budgeting more straightforward. Our personnel will work with you to build the managed services bundle that is the best fit for your business and your budget.

Our size and agility are assets to our clients. Reverus can meet your needs quickly and accurately. With hardware and software monitoring applications, we address your issues before they become problems. Our security services also defend your devices and data from intrusion or corruption. We can also provide consulting services to keep your IT solutions up-to-date, and we can manage your IT projects to minimize your IT workload. When you partner with Reverus, you receive a full circle of services and solutions that optimize your performance and protect your systems.