Intrusion Protection

Advanced threats require innovative solutions.

Prevent threats from becoming problems.

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Security is the Universal, Growing Concern

We have all seen the reports about businesses whose networks were invaded by outside threats; data can be stolen, corrupted, or even held hostage. It can damage your day-to-day operations, impact your employees, and even cause a loss of trust from your customers. It is essential that your business have protections in place to guard and defend your systems from viruses and intrusions. With Reverus, we will introduce a state-of-the-art intrusion protection system designed to protect your network and data.

Technology is becoming more advanced every day, and all of the threats out there continue to as well as reports of new phishing attacks or malicious software all the time. Many times a trojan program, virus, or worm can find its way into your system and sit there quietly for a long time. It can propagate throughout your network and sometimes show very little signs of its intrusion. You might only notice it when it has become a severe problem. Reverus has the solutions and precautions to protect your systems.

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We Deliver A Layered Approach To Your Protection

There are standard levels of protection that we recommend to everyone. Every business needs firewalls and antivirus software. However, once we get to know your business, we can build a custom security infrastructure for business. We build all of our services around your business goals, and we won’t force you to pay for services that you don’t need. Many of our methods and practices function better in tandem with each other, but we will only recommend the applications that will optimize your workplace.

Our 24/7 monitoring and support will be there to watch your network traffic in real time for signs of intrusive threats. Disaster recovery is another layer of defense that we can provide to create a proactive plan for the risks that your systems face. Reverus also offers cloud-computing options to protect your information in offsite data centers and provide penetration and vulnerability testing to grade our own success at securing your network.

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Intrusion Prevention

An additional level of prevention is our intrusion protection. This application is a program that updates itself and monitors your network traffic for threats. It goes a step above for detecting and preventing threats. Automated intrusion software can defend you all on its own. Reverus will set it up, install it, and establish its operating parameters. From there, it will act on its own threat intelligence.

Once it detects a threat, the intrusion software will take action to eliminate it or to prevent it from spreading. This protection step is one way that Reverus can care for your systems without actually having to be there in person. It will address your issues without any wait time or disruption to your typical network operations. Reverus builds our services around your needs, antivirus and intrusion protection is just another level of the layered defense we bring to your business.