IT Managed Services & Support

IT Support200Do you need to outsource your internal IT setups? Are you searching for annual services or custom support packages? If you’re in the middle of an IT project, do you need someone to help you reach critical milestones? Reverus provides all of the IT managed services and support that organizations need.

These services may include the following items as well as others that you specify:

  • User Account Management
  • Security Patch Management
  • Software License Reporting
  • Disk Space, Partition and Usage Management
  • Software Deployment
  • End User Remote Control
  • Managed Procurement Services
  • Hosted Business Analytics
  • Hosted Software Services
  • Hosted Phone Systems
  • Vendor and Carrier Management
  • Assistance with Strategic Planning

Reverus provides plenty of other IT services, too, but the scope of our IT managed systems and support isn’t the only thing that makes us different. Unlike other IT companies, Reverus develops custom packages that are designed to meet your specific needs.

By carefully listening to your organization’s requirements, Reverus can recommend the right solution.  For example, if you need assistance with software deployment and software licensing reporting, we’ll develop a custom package that achieves each of these objectives.

IT managed systems and support can be expensive, however, so why pay for what you don’t need? If hosted business analytics aren’t what you want, we won’t bundle them with security patch management. If software deployment is what you really need, we won’t add hardware management to the mix.

All of our IT managed systems and support are backed by our technical knowledge and application experience. From strategic planning to hands-on execution, Reverus get results. Don’t settle for average IT support when technical excellence is readily available.

Ready to learn more about how Reverus can support your IT operations? Call us at (518) 621-4501, or complete the contact form at the bottom this page, and we’ll reach out to learn more about your organization’s needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

Keeping Networks Running Smoothly

Reverus is ready to find and fix all of your networking and system administration issues. So whether you’re replacing routers, specifying workstation requirements, or planning a complete network overhaul, Reverus can help you reach your goals. Learn more.

Monitoring Hardware & Software

Workstations, servers, and peripherals keep your organization running and productivity humming. Don’t let unplanned downtime delay activities and cause employees to miss deadlines. Reverus resolves hardware defects and software problems. Learn more.

Protecting You From Cyber Threats

Network firewalls keep hackers from stealing data and disrupting operations. Computer security also includes internal controls, such as safeguards for customer data. Minimize your cyber risks. Ask Reverus how to optimize your IT security. Learn more.

Measuring IT Goals

Leaders know they can’t manage what they can’t measure. IT operations have metrics, too, and missed milestones can derail a project. Let Reverus devise an IT strategy that supports your organization’s goals through implementation and beyond. Learn more.

“A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind.”

-Bill Bethel

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