Flexibility & Personal Attention

We know that each industry requires a unique set of needs tailored to the demands of the userbase that requires support. Technology can be daunting to the end-user, so our goal is to make sure we’re not talking over their heads, but instead help them effectively navigate the software, hardware, and systems that they need to use in their daily routines.

The industries we specialize in are varied across New York State. We have developed deep domain expertise and long-lasting client relationships in government, industry and non-profit sectors.

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Statewide government entities, such as law enforcement, public services, education, and transportation require rigorous compliance with system, software, data, and hardware. Security protocols are of the utmost priority. We have successfully worked on many complex projects that have to be built and audited according to strict state government standards.

Another common requirement is that of up-time. Government is a 24/7 operation. We understand how mission-critical the technology infrastructure is and our government clients receive priority response, no matter what time of the day or night.

Businesses of all Sizes

No matter what size your business – or your budget – is, Reverus can help. We understand how challenging it can be when you’re going through growing pains, especially when you’re trying to stretch yesterday’s budget to meet today’s needs. Our experience has allowed us to help numerous clients in the manufacturing, energy and education sectors, as well as many others.


Non-profits face unique challenges from a resources perspective. Both financial and technology resources are usually thin. Our flexible payment plans and discounted rates for non-profits help out our clients tremendously.

In addition, our approach also allows us to work directly with the team at any level, educating everyone on the latest technology best-practice and trends in the industry.