Structured Cabling

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On paper, structured cabling might sound like just running some cables and connecting wires. The truth is that it is the entire infrastructure that supports the connectivity of the different parts of your business. Even if you opt for a wireless solution and your workspace depends on Wi-Fi, you still need a properly structured cabling system. You can rest easy knowing that Reverus has the experience and know-how to design and implement a cabling system that fits your particular needs.

With Reverus, your company will receive a structured cabling system that has been planned specifically for your business. Our experts who design your system will take your present and future needs into account. The world of technology and business is always changing and growing. You will need a cabling structure that leaves room for future additions. Your cabling infrastructure also needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Reverus delivers all of these qualities to our clients.

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Our Cabling Solutions Will Meet Your Standards

Structured cabling is the skeletal network that holds up your information technology. It has to be reliable. An unreliable system will reduce your productivity and impact your revenue. Reverus also knows that your structured cabling has to go beyond just being a dependable part of your business structure. It has to adapt to the architecture of your building and fit in seamlessly to the outward appearance of your workplace. We don’t want your structured cabling to be an eyesore in your work areas.

All of these reasons are why you need to partner with a professional, structured cabling provider. Cabling is a complex task that requires expertise to execute properly. We will create strategies and find ways to deliver reliable, enhanced performance to your workplace that is also aesthetically pleasing. If structured cabling is the skeleton that holds up your business, it should be dependable and stick out as little as possible.

Why Structured Cabling Is The Correct Approach

Structured cabling is a service that Reverus offers because we always deliver services that enhance your workplace. Some provider might still be offering point-to-point cabling, but this process is inefficient and less appealing to look at. Point-to-point is just what it sounds like; a simple approach where cables run directly to and from the hardware that needs connectivity. This does not deliver the type of results businesses need today

With a structured cabling system, in your data center or tech closet, an array of patch panels and trunks are structured to create a hardware port that is connected to a patch panel at the top of the rack. From there, we use horizontal cabling and backbone cabling to complete the infrastructure. This process might sound complicated, but it enables a more reliable network of cables and offers a clean professional appearance.

Structured cabling empowers your network to react faster and reduces the potential for outages because it lowers the chance of human error. Reverus believes in providing solutions that enhance your business with cost-effective rates. This is one more way that we boost performance and increase the reliability of your IT services.