Hardware as a Service

The devices you need, at a rate you can afford.

Replace your old hardware with the new.

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Hardware As A Service Is A Hardware Rental Model

One of the most significant information technology expenses for any business is the hardware that they need to operate their business. At Reverus, one of our core missions is to always deliver solutions that meet your needs and make your budgeting easier. We are always looking for strategies that are cost-effective and enhance your workplace at the same time. This attitude is one of the reasons that we offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS).

Hardware as a Service is a subscription service model where a business can rent equipment from us and pay a monthly fee for using it. This hardware can include laptops, PCs, business phone systems, servers, and network devices. When you combine this option with managed service bundles, your company will get all the equipment it needs and the experts to maintain its performance.

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This Leasing Plan Benefits Your Business

HaaS solutions have a lot of benefits for our clients. Some people might think they are better off owning their own equipment, but this strategy is not thinking about the long-term. Technology is constantly changing and always advancing. Equipment and devices can quickly become obsolete after you have invested a lot of money into them. Hardware as a Service protects you from that expense.

When you select Reverus as your HaaS provider, you can build plans for upgrades into your monthly subscription agreement. Your company will get the latest devices without the high prices. These plans allow you to scale up your service much more quickly without high expenses as well. With Reverus as your managed service provider, this monthly plan also works in your favor to maintain the condition of your equipment. If we own the actual hardware you are using, then it keeps us accountable and is in our best interest to keep it in the best condition possible.

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One More Way We Improve Your Workplace

Hardware as a Service is the perfect compliment to many of our other services. We have always believed in tailoring our services to the needs of our clients, depending on your preferences, we can build data migration into your plan. When the time comes, Reverus will transfer all your data and applications to your new hardware, then ensure that all the obsolete devices are recycled properly.

HaaS blends in seamlessly with our cloud strategy. Once we are your hosted cloud provider, you will be able to access your data from nearly anywhere, and you will see a rise in productivity. If your business prefers the private cloud option, we can manage your cloud environment data center and the hardware you use to access it. It is a policy of ours not to recommend services our clients don’t need. However, when you put more services under Reverus control, each one will interact and work better than before.

Hardware as a Service is another service that we offer to clients as our way of investing in you. You make an investment in your future when you hire Reverus. Programs like HaaS are how you see a return on that investment. We want to be your managed services provider for the challenges you face today and hurdles you will face in the future.