Hardware & Software

What are your hardware and software challenges? Do you need to diagnose and repair hardware defects? Maybe it’s time to plan for a major hardware upgrade instead? Do you need to address specific software issues, or master a major software deployment? No challenge is too big or too small for Reverus.

Our hardware support covers a wide range of services, including the troubleshooting and repair of Mac and Windows workstations, servers, printers, and other peripherals. Reverus also offers preventive maintenance plans that can keep pesky hardware problems from happening in the first place.

As an experienced provider of hardware support and maintenance services, we understand that all of your desktops, laptops, tablets, and other computing resources represent organizational assets. Phone systems, printers, scanners, and other hardware devices need to perform properly, too.

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Improving Efficiency & Increasing Productivity

Sometimes, however, functional hardware just doesn’t work well enough.  If your organization’s systems are slow or unresponsive, productivity suffers. Frustration mounts when computers run slowly or laptops suddenly reboot. If printers won’t print the first time, don’t give hardware problems a second chance.

Reverus can help you plan large-scale upgrades, too. Let our experienced IT specialists suggest the right technologies to address your organization’s specific needs. From strategy to planning, and from execution to on-going technical support, we’ll design a custom package that’s right for your budget.

Our commitment to custom solutions includes software maintenance, deployments, and top-notch IT support. So whether you need help solving a specific issue or completing a large-scale implementation, you can count on Reverus for the application experience and technical expertise that you need.

Our hardware and software services include everything from troubleshooting and resolving specific issues to complex overhauls and large-scale upgrades. Learn more about our custom packages, annual services, and support plans. Contact Reverus now, and learn more about our specific areas of expertise.

IT Services

Diagnose & Resolve Hardware Issues

Our seasoned team can assist you with the diagnosis and repair of defective hardware as well as perform on-site maintenance of Mac and Windows workstations, servers, and peripherals.

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Plan Smooth Upgrades & Deployments

Planning a large-scale hardware upgrade or software deployment? Reverus can help you manage the process from start to finish, while recommending cost-saving options.

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Be Your On-Call IT Specialists

Reverus also offers annual managed plans that include routine hardware and software maintenance as well as on-call specialists who can step in whenever an unexpected issue arises.

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