Office 365 Migrations

Don’t be afraid of outgrowing the old ways.

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Data Migration Is Part Of Your Business’ Natural Growth

In the simplest terms, data migration is the process of shifting data and applications from one type of storage to another. Data migration is a regular practice that must be performed routinely for any business that continues to upgrade and grow their services. This may seem like a simple process, but the execution can be complicated. This is why you need Reverus, an expert service provider with years of experience in the migration process.

There are several types of migration that you might need us to perform. Cloud migration is becoming more common and Office 365 migration is a routine practice for us. No matter the type of migration you need, the steps are always relatively the same. Reverus begins by mapping out your present data onto the new program or application. These maps act as an active directory and enable us to accurately reformat your information to function properly in the new program.

Once we have our map, we begin uploading the data. Our staff uploads everything and double-checks the results. Reverus will inspect the entire process to make sure the data was entirely and accurately, migrated into its new system. It is always our goal to make migration as seamless and straightforward as possible for your clients.

Migration is an organic process of developing your business.

Let Reverus make the transition run smoothly.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Migration into Microsoft’s Office 365 is by far one of most common practices. It is a very popular option that many companies adopt to take advantage of all of its features. Almost anyone can buy the normal Microsoft Office Suite of software, but we recommend Office 365 because it gets you the most value out of your investment. Office 365 is a bundle of subscription services that allow users access to a wide selection of Microsoft Office’s product line.

The products that your company will have access to includes the standard Microsoft Office Suite. This comes with

The Office 365 features expand into cloud-based services with Skype for Business, Exchange Online, and SharePoint. Having your subscription also means that your company will get immediate access to upgrades along with software patches and updates as they become available. All of which will be implemented and managed by Reverus to keep your systems up-to-date and running well.

Office 365 Will Upgrade Your Operations

A major part of our core values is providing services that are tailored to your needs at prices that fit into your budget. Providing that premium customer service at such a fair rate also means recommending methods and practices that will be cost-effective for the future of your business. Microsoft Office 365 is an option that we endorse for its features that will enhance the functions of your business.

Having access to all of these programs and their updates will make your long-term budget goals more attainable. Combine that with the migration services of Reverus, and you will receive new programs and applications to develop your business at a price that will meet your budget.