Hosted Private Cloud

Cut your costs and expand your resources.

Reverus will construct a private environment just for you.

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Take Advantage Of The Cloud Today

Cloud computing is one of the most common buzzwords in managed IT services today. Unfortunately, there are still some people that don’t understand what the cloud is, let alone the benefits that it offers. There are a few types of cloud-based computing, but the basic premise is the same across the board. Cloud servers are an internet computing resource that your business can use for data storage and more computing power.

Reverus will work with you to build the best cloud dedicated environment for your business. Using the cloud allows your business to have plenty of room for storage and the option for straightforward scalability. Rather than having to purchase all new hardware, we will just expand your resources for you to supply your demand. When you need more room or power, Reverus will add it to your managed private cloud.

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The Private Cloud Offers Flexible Options

Reverus provides a few different cloud hosting options. There are public, hybrid, and private cloud solutions. As you might imagine, private clouds are the most secure option. Hosted private cloud means that our experts will work with you to construct a virtual private cloud just for your business. It can be an off-site or internal resource, depending on your preferences.

Private cloud services can also be part of a hybrid cloud program. Private clouds are typically the most highly recommended because they offer more control for the user. A public cloud will be run by a third-party vendor, and it will already be configured to their standards. Your information will be safe, but you won’t get as much say in the way those cloud resources are managed.

Private cloud environments provide superior performance because the resources are deployed within your existing infrastructure. There is less distance for all your data to travel and less chance for performance to be degraded. When you choose private cloud hosting solutions with Reverus, you will get a more flexible resource that’s designed and built with your needs in mind.

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Boost Your Performance While Cutting Your Costs

Cloud environments usually consist of dedicated hardware at an off-site data center. Having hardware off-site protects your data from local disasters and incidents. This easily integrates into our data backup protection and business continuity planning. Having your data in the cloud makes restoration very simple and it also streamlines future data migration processes.

Security is always a primary concern for us. Hosted cloud services, especially a private one, offers much better security options for your business overall. When you select the private option, we can point to the dedicated physical hardware that belongs to you and won’t be shared with anyone else. Public clouds cannot say the same thing.

Reverus is always looking out for the best practices to boost the performance of your business. Hosted private cloud services will offer better security options, increase your flexibility, lower your hardware costs.