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Why You Should Migrate To The Cloud

Many businesses are making the jump to cloud-based services. The only stumbling block for some companies has been a misunderstanding of how cloud services work and the benefits they offer. Reverus can help you get a stronger grasp of what the cloud has to offer and the ways your business can grow with cloud-based applications. We will be there to help you migrate all of your data and applications to a cloud environment.

The cloud, in general, is a digital environment that can exist locally in your office or at off-site data centers. This environment enables you to connect to your data from almost anywhere with an internet connection. It will give your employees greater mobility and offer massive storage options for your business. Your business will see faster software deployment times. Off-site data centers will also save you money on hardware costs and maintenance fees.

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We Promise A Stable Migration

The step that makes some hesitate before making the leap into the cloud is the fear of change. Many tend to get comfortable within certain boundaries, and there is caution surrounding the shifting of your operations into a new form. Our years of experience and diverse backgrounds in the information technology industry has taught us many lessons. We believe that every business needs to be adaptable and flexible with the advantages that new advances can offer.

When you partner with Reverus, you will have an expert ally that guides your migration into the cloud. You will not have to worry about downtimes or disruptions in your service. Maintaining the continuity of your business is always one of our primary concerns. Your migration to a cloud environment will improve your stability and enhance the reliability of your operations.

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The Different Cloud Options

When it comes to the cloud there are several options for your business, Reverus will work alongside you to find the type that suits you best.

  • Hosted Private Cloud: The private option is a cloud that is built specifically for your business. Reverus will structure this environment for your needs and tailor it to your operations. This strategy does have some upfront set up costs, but it also offers the most flexibility, and you will have us there to maintain the service for you.
  • Public Cloud: A public cloud is an environment that is maintained by a third-party vendor. Reverus will manage this relationship for you and see to it that you get the best care possible. Public clouds are typically massive networks of data centers. This gives them a lot of stability and power to offer. There are fewer setup costs, but fewer custom controls and flexibility for your business.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A hybrid approach is a mixture of both public and private options. You would get to choose which operations go to the public cloud and what sensitive data stays on the private servers. A hybrid cloud strategy is often a good option for a business looking to try a cloud environment for the first time.

A cloud environment has a lot of benefits waiting to help your business. Whatever option you select, it will boost your performance and increase your efficiency. Reverus is ready to assist your company in migrating your operations to the cloud today.