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Cloud Services

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Cloud Migration Services

Reverus can help you get a stronger grasp of what the cloud has to offer and the ways your business can grow with cloud-based applications. We will be there to help you migrate all of your data and applications to a cloud environment. Your migration to a cloud environment will improve your stability and enhance the reliability of your operations.

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Hosted Private Cloud

Shifting your business operations to a cloud environment delivers a lot of benefits. Your programs and applications will run smoothly with fewer interruptions for maintenance or updates. Hosted private cloud means that our experts will work with you to construct a virtual private cloud just for your business. It can be an off-site or internal resource, depending on your preferences. Private environments provide superior performance because the resources are deployed within your existing infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is a mix of the public and private options. A hybrid cloud environment uses both local and off-site resources. It is a model of cloud-computing that gives you the best of both worlds. You get the power of the public cloud resources and the security features of the private model. Your company can even choose what data goes where. Your company will spend less money on hardware and software development or deployment, and your performance will receive a boost from the cloud’s enormous storage options and computing power.

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Office 365 Migrations

Migration into Microsoft’s Office 365 service is by far one of most common practices. Office 365 is a bundle of subscription services that allow users access to a wide selection of Microsoft Office’s product line. Reverus manages your entire migration process into these new programs and implements future updates.

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Public Cloud Vendors

A public cloud strategy empowers your company with the power of a third-party vendor. Reverus will initiate and manage the relationship for you. Public cloud data centers often have the biggest resources and multiple data centers that all support each other that lends a significant amount of power and stability to your cloud. Reverus will only recommend solutions that will enhance your workplace at affordable prices.

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