What is DRaaS? Disaster recovery as a service is a subset of everything as a service (XaaS), in which a managed service provider (MSP) restores your business’s IT infrastructure after a disaster occurs. Covered disasters can range from cyberattacks to natural disasters. No matter what kind of disaster occurs, your MSP should provide you with backup options and recovery plans, among other things.

Services DRaaS Providers Offer

Disaster Recovery Planning

Any DRaaS solution should include planning the steps your company will take after a disaster occurs. They should provide you with data backups and a backup strategy, but your MSP should also work with you to determine which of your business’s functions are the most critical. Then they should help you develop a disaster recovery plan to bring those critical functions back as soon as possible after a disaster occurs. You should assign specific disaster recovery tasks to certain employees and make sure they understand their duties in that situation.

More specifically, your MSP should pinpoint your data’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and its Recovery Point Objective (RPO). The RTO determines how long a business can last post-disaster before its data is restored. The RPO is the amount of permanent data loss your business can handle after a disaster occurs. Once your MSP determines your business’s RTO and RPO, they can calculate how often they should perform data backups for your network and how quickly they should perform data restoration after a disaster strikes. After that, you can work with your MSP to begin developing your disaster recovery plan.

Once your MSP has helped you put a disaster recovery plan in place, they can help you move forward with a larger business continuity plan.

Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery is a short-term process that falls under the umbrella of business continuity. What is business continuity? It’s the long-term process of bringing a business back to full operational strength after it suffers a disaster. When you develop a business continuity plan under DRaaS, your MSP should help you organize your non-critical processes. Then you can determine the order in which you should bring those services back, and all additional steps you need to take to fully restore your business’s infrastructure and its operational strength.

What Else Does XaaS Include?

DRaaS is just one of many services an MSP can provide through everything as a service (XaaS). Other XaaS services include cloud-based solutions such as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). These cloud computing solutions can reduce your reliance on physical data centers and give you remote access to your network from any device, among other benefits.

DRaaS Solutions for Your Upstate New York Business

At Reverus, we provide you with DRaaS solutions as part of our managed services for your business. We can put a disaster recovery plan in place so you can retrieve data no matter what kind of disaster you experience. Reach out to us today if you’re interested in our DRaaS capabilities.