Areas We Serve

Partner with a local neighbor.

Areas We Serve

You deserve a partner you can trust.

We Deliver World-Class Solutions With A Personal Approach

Custom IT solutions are one of our biggest selling points. We bring a personal approach to every service because we believe that every client deserves our personal attention. In the world of IT services, our team is relatively small, and that plays into our approach as a business. We understand the value of your time and the challenge of limited resources. We demonstrate this knowledge through our custom service bundles and affordable rates.

We started our business in 2006 and we are located in Clifton Park, New York. Our expert staff know that being part of a community and operating a business comes with a certain amount of responsibility. We hold ourselves and our services accountable to the clients we serve. Reverus is always working to build lasting partnerships, and that means we care about the well-being of your business. We will always work to align our strategies with the business goals of our partners.

We take our status as your neighbor and local partner seriously. Services like our IT consulting or IT project management are always geared to the success of your company instead of just pushing our products. Our disaster recovery and business continuity planning are more effective because we know the challenges and hazards that our local partners face.

We serve our community with more than just our business.

We take part in community outreach activities.

We Work To Improve Our Community

We serve our community through our custom business practices and by participating in community outreach programs. As a business, we are looking for ways to improve your business. We see these outreach activities as opportunities to build connections that count and strengthen our community. We have held our own events and taken part in others.

  • Reverus Minecraft LAN party: We invited over 30 children and their families into our facility to have some fun and teach computer skills that will serve them well in the future.
  • Computer Courses: We have offered adult-learning computer courses to educate anyone looking to expand their computer skills. Reverus views it as a responsibility to share the expert knowledge we have and make connections with the people in our community. These classes are free 1-2 hour courses that we offer periodically.
  • Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Meal: This is an annual event that we have taken part in multiple times. People gather on Thanksgiving day to pack meals and deliver them across the community. It is an excellent way to share happiness and nourishment with people who may not have others to share it with.
  • Schenectady ARC 5K: In 2014, we participated in Schenectady ARC’s 5K to raise funds to support programs for persons with disabilities throughout the capital district. We were there to act as course marshalls and encourage the runners as they took part in the race. This organization does a ton of positive work in our community, and we are happy to partner with them.

We take being a member of our community seriously. This attitude goes into our community outreach efforts and our professional services. Our team of experts will always make sure that we fully understand your needs before making our recommendations. The solutions we offer to your business will be engineered to fulfill your needs and fit your budget.